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How will I receive my images?

Your final images will be uploaded to a personal online viewing gallery. We will then set up a consultation appointment where I can explain to you all the different options of printing packages that are available. You can go and view your gallery as many times as you wish. It will be up for 2 weeks and then it will be deleted, so make sure you download your images that you decided on before that date. There will be a charge of $75 for a re-upload of a gallery.


Who owns the copyright or print rights to my images?

Nicole Calore Photography will maintain full rights to any images captured during your session. Nicole Calore Photography may use images from any session for marketing and advertising purposes. You will hold personal printing rights to the final images. All unedited RAW images will be deleted after 1 (one) year.


What is a Photo Print Release?

A Photo Print Release is a separate contract that you will enter with Nicole Calore Photography. It will give you rights to download your chosen images from your gallery and produce unlimited personal prints of your images without purchasing them from Nicole Calore Photography or from your gallery. At no time will your Photo Print Release allow you to enter images for publication, into contests, sell your images or produce any financial gain without expressed written consent from Nicole Calore Photography.


Can I see the other images taken during the session and not just the ones in my gallery?

Nicole Calore Photography will creatively edit some of the best images from your session and will let you choose from a gallery of selected un-edited Images, where you will be able to choose what you love and supply you with the promised number of images according to the session you scheduled. Images not selected for editing, either do not depict the artistic talent of the photographer or are images that do not suit industry standards and will never be up to be shown or given. Nicole Calore Photography does NOT give out RAW Images.


Can I see the other images taken during the session and not just the ones in my gallery?

Nicole Calore Photography will creatively edit the best images from your session and supply you with the promised number of images according to the session you scheduled. Images not selected for editing, either do not depict the artistic talent of the photographer or are images that do not suit industry standards.


I need to cancel my session, what happens now?

It is highly encouraged that you reschedule your session instead of cancelling. Nicole Calore will offer other dates and times of availability in order to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that may cause a session time to be inconvenient. Remember, your deposit/retainer is non-refundable.


What is included in a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are always scheduled with the baby’s needs in mind. There is plenty of time allowed for feeding and soothing so that the session is relaxed. The client and their newborn will receive the quality, care and patience it requires to conduct a safe, meaningful and memorable experience – along with images that will be cherished for a lifetime. When it comes to capturing images of your newborn, choosing a photographer that is educated, suits the style that best speaks to you and practices safety at all times, are the most important things to consider.


When will I receive my images?

After your session is completed, Nicole Calore Photography will provide sneak peeks within several days. Nicole Calore Photography will then edit a few samples, send the gallery to you and you get to choose your final images that you would like me to edit for your final gallery.

 Turnaround time is usually very swift, but depending on how many sessions are in front of yours, it may be a bit longer. Most times your gallery will be completed within 2-4 weeks. 

Referrals program

For each referral that you send me, you will receive a $25 credit toward your next session.


How long have you practiced photography, specifically, newborn photography?

I have practiced Newborn Photography for over 7 years now, I had my own son who is now 29 years old and got married 2 years ago, many grandchildren who are now: 2, 6, 8, 12,15 and 16. I am certified in CPR and Newborn Safety Posing thru the APN Society since 2019 and just got re-certified..


Have you taken newborn photography specific training? If so, with whom have you trained?

I have taken countless courses that include Kelly Brown, two hands-on workshops with Ana Brandt, an industry-leading Photographer when it comes to safety. I have attended workshops/conferences specific to training in Safety with Newborns with Sandra Moffatt, also trained three times with Anja McDonald, another Industry leading Photographer from Australia, twice with Diana Robles from "Loveprint Photography" here in NJ, another newborn workshop with Claudia Aguilar from "Captured by Claudia Photography" which I just recently took in September 2022 and also Amy Scott that owns Dew-Photography in June 2023.

Studio Newborn Photography is more popular now than ever. With inexpensive entry level cameras available to the public and an endless Pinterest feed of inspiration, more and more untrained photographers are starting to offer sessions without licenses or training. Not all photographers have the knowledge and skill required to safely pose a baby and create those beautiful photos you see on my website. Newborn Photography takes a lot of special safety and posing training that many new parents and photographers taking on newborn sessions aren’t aware of. When booking your Newborn Session please book a photographer who is specifically trained in Newborn Posing Safety, operating a legal, insured, and taxpaying business.


Can you tell me some of the safety practices you have in place during your newborn sessions?

Several of my safety practices:

  • Cleanliness. Products and fabrics are washed or disinfected in a sterilizer after sessions.

  • I do not carry your baby in a prop.

  • I do not let go of them during upright poses. (This can cause an airway obstruction!)

  • I understand that babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures. This means they can get too hot. I know what to watch for and heat the air in the room, not the baby.


What will happen in the case of illness? Whether your own illness or otherwise?

Illness cannot be in the studio. We have premature babies and high-risk maternity clients regularly, not to mention the newborns in general. All sessions that need to be rescheduled will be.


Are you vaccinated against the flu and corona virus?

Yes and I still wear a mask during my newborn sessions in my studio.


Can you direct me to resources that will help educate me in what I should be looking for when it comes to safety practices with newborn photography?

Yes: Safety First ~ Brisbane Newborn Photographer Kelly Brown — Great place to start!

Why do I charge what I charge?

My Maternity Client wardrobe probably consists of 150 dresses, each of them ranging from $250- $800, plus all the different bodysuits, silks and jewelry that I offer. Workshops start at $1500 and I try to attend 2-3 each year as my continuing education.Camera, lenses and lighting equipment ranges around $12000, Choices of Newborn props, outfits...yes each one of them can cost over $75!!!!!headbands- start at $35 each, bonnet and hats- start at $45 each, wraps, layers, stuffies probably another $10000, Backdrops-Canvas or fabrics another $10000, Software, website, insurances, lab costs, the list is on going and never ending. But it is all there for you. To take home gorgeous, hand-edited Images forever there for you to enjoy, treasure and love.

Newborn session take about 1-2 hours to prepare the day prior to the session, 2-4hours the day of and then countless hours of hand-editing. They are A LOT of work, but I truly love what I do.

Maternity sessions, you will have a beautiful wardrobe to choose from. I am also offering angel wings to my prop usage at an additional cost of $50 and if you choose the 10 digital and up collection, professional make-up is included, and again- Maternity and Newborn sessions are my passion, I absolutely love doing  and editing them!!!!!

Please call me if you have any additional questions. 8452406028


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